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Your support preserves the Bethlehem Steel collections, brings to life the stories of Bethlehem Steel workers, and helps take the history of Bethlehem Steel beyond the museum walls through public programs and community outreach.

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By contributing to the BMI, you are preserving the objects, photographs, and stories of the people who built Baltimore and those who are shaping its future.

Four decades ago, Baltimore’s identity as a manufacturing center was being threatened. As factories closed and machines were being cast aside, our beloved city faced an uncertain future. In response to those challenges, people just like YOU created the BMI to help save the city’s unique heritage. Now, as we face another period of uncertainty, the BMI needs YOUR help to continue protecting Baltimore’s industrial past.

Support the BMI’s amazing collection, making it possible for the stories of these businesses and workers to live on.

The BMI’s collections highlight the contributions of American innovators, past and present, whose enterprises have transformed our society. Often the only surviving remnants of once thriving industries that no longer exist, these objects need constant care and maintenance so that they can continue to inspire and educate audiences.

Help students access the fun and hands-on learning of a traditional BMI Field trip from home.

Your gift funds the development of interactive, digital field trips and BMI’s City Kits—activity boxes with all the materials kids need to engage in a remote learning about our city’s industrial history and the hard working people who are a part of that story.


There are many ways to support the Baltimore Museum of Industry, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. In addition to cash donations, which may be pledged by check or credit card, the BMI also gladly accepts gifts of stock, planned or deferred contributions, and in-kind services. To discuss your giving options, please contact Deborah Cardin at or 410.727.4808 ext. 129.

To learn more about donating artifacts to the museum’s collection, please click here.  

Make a Lasting Gift

Deepen the impact of your gift through planned giving. By including a bequest provision to the BMI in your will, you can help ensure that we can continue to educate audiences about Maryland’s industrial heritage for years to come. A member of our staff is happy to provide you with more details. For more information, please contact Deborah Cardin at (410) 783-8541 x129 /

If you include BMI in your plans, please use our legal name and Federal tax ID:

Legal Name: The Baltimore Museum of Industry
Address: 1415 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD 21230
Federal Tax ID Number: 52-12056

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