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Photo Credit: Chesapeake Bay Program

A Dammed Land: How Harnessing the Power of Water Created the Chesapeake of Today

Chesapeake dams—for mills and for power—have transformed the environment and shaped the region’s economy and culture, from the 17th century to today. In this talk, Chesapeake historian and author Kate Livie will explore the impacts of agricultural and industrial dams, and how progress towards their removal in the 21st century holds the power to restore Chesapeake habitats once thought to be gone for good.

This program took place on Thursday, October 21, 2021 @ 7 pm Zoom

Watch the recording here


Speaker Bio

Kate Livie
Chesapeake Educator, Writer, and Historian

Kate Livie is a professional Chesapeake educator, writer and historian. An Eastern Shore native, Livie is passionate about the Chesapeake Bay’s culture and landscape. An active commentator on Bay culture and environment, Livie has written about the Bay’s history, foodways, travel and traditions for publications from Baltimore Magazine to the Chesapeake Bay Journal.

In addition to her writing career, she currently serves as Chesapeake Studies faculty at Chestertown’s Washington College, where she teaches about the Bay’s environment, economy and heritage for the Center for Environment and Society.


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