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Photo courtesy of A. Aubrey Bodine © Jennifer Bodine.

The 1950s

Tuesday, May 24, at 7:00 PM

Live Virtual Program (Zoom)

Join us on May 24th at 7:00PM for an in-depth look at Baltimore in the 1950s with Senior Museum Educator Jack Burkert. This program will be hosted on Zoom. Access provided after registration.

The 1950s made lasting changes to the way people lived, how they moved in and around the region, and where they found employment. From the early “crisis” in absorbing returning veterans and new families, to the way those new families would seek entertainment and recreation, Baltimore would be a far different place in 1959 than it was in 1950.

Automobiles and the highways they rode on took over. The “Red Scare” went local, labor strikes begat unintended consequences while hula hoops, poodle skirts and fast food became modern trends. A decade many recall, but few realize how much of Baltimore’s 21st century had roots in the 1950’s.

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Speaker Bio

Jack Burkert
Senior Museum Educator

A Baltimore native, Jack has worked as a Museum Educator at the BMI since 2010. He graduated from the University of Maryland and spent his 40+ career in various educator roles in the Baltimore City School system, at the Pennsylvania State University, through private employers and in his own consulting firm. Jack’s specialty is his research into the history of Baltimore, its port, businesses, people and immigration. Read a recent article written by Jack for the BMI on industrial steelmaking.


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