Celebrate the History of Workers in Baltimore

Week of Workers October 12 – October 16, 2020

A celebration of workers takes place the week of October 12. In addition to the opening of Women of Steel, a program about behind-the-scenes workers will be streamed live from the museum. 


The Baltimore Museum of Industry (BMI) has opened its next exhibition outside of the museum to allow for social distancing and open-air exploration during COVID-19. The exhibition, titled Women of Steel, hangs on the museum’s fence along Key Highway in South Baltimore and is free of charge to view. This is the first time the BMI has hosted an outdoor exhibition. 

Women of Steel highlights the stories of women who worked at Bethlehem Steel’s Sparrows Point mill in Baltimore from the 1930s until the mill closed in 2012. In many cases, women endured discrimination, sexual harassment, and childcare challenges. They made choices and sacrifices as they weighed risk and rewards in search of camaraderie, respect, and a livable wage. The exhibition features photographs and first-person quotes from the women themselves.

Planning for this exhibition was well underway when the pandemic hit, and we realized that it would be a long while before people could gather inside to view this remarkable project. We decided to move it outside where visitors would feel comfortable. It’s also a free exhibition, so visitors can enjoy it regardless of income, as we know a lot of Marylanders are facing many challenges in the wake of the pandemic.”Anita Kassof, Executive Director, Baltimore Museum of Industry


The Women of Steel exhibition was made possible through gifts from Tradepoint Atlantic, PNC Bank, Robert Patterson, The Macht Fund of the Associated, and the Alvin & Louise Myerberg Family Foundation.

This program is made possible by Constellation.



Invisible Labor: True Stories about Hidden Work, Unseen Efforts, and Toiling Far from the Limelight

Join the Baltimore Museum of Industry and the Stoop Storytelling Series for an evening of true stories focused on the essential work—and workers—we rarely see.

Make a donation to enjoy this live Stoop Storytelling Series show broadcast from the Baltimore Museum of Industry via Zoom webinar. You’ll receive a Zoom link via email.

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Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020 | 7-8 pm
Registration required | $5-$20

The Stoop is seeking Baltimore-area folks to share true, personal tales. Share a story about a time your work went unnoticed, your labors were ignored or unseen, or your efforts were unacknowledged.

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The BMI remains closed at this time, but limited appointments for the research center are available. The museum is located at 1415 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD 21230. Opening information, general museum information, and directions can be found at www.thebmi.org. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @BMIatWork.


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