Beehler Umbrella

The Beehler Umbrella Factory was founded by German immigrant Francis Beehler in 1828.

The company’s success as the first umbrella manufacturer in the United States spawned numerous imitators and by the early 20th century Baltimore was shipping out more than 1.5 million umbrellas annually. Local competitor Polan, Katz & Co. was especially well-known for producing the first nylon umbrellas. To learn more about how Baltimore became the umbrella capital of the world, please visit the BMI’s Garment Loft exhibition.

Polan Katz-lady’s Tiffany umbrella-red, yellow, green, tropical bird & fruit design

Polan Katz parasol—off white with black lace and white wood handle

Watch this YouTube video to learn more about umbrellas.


BMI Audio Guide: Umbrellas


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