Connection Factory

Thank you for connecting, thank you for giving, thank you for keeping the stories of Baltimore’s industrial history alive.

Giving Tuesday empowers all of us to transform our communities and the world. Today we celebrate connections that make our community stronger and say “Thank You” to all of the community members whose generosity is preserving Baltimore’s unique industrial heritage.

We are stronger together. We are stronger with you.

The BMI is fortunate to have a network of friends whose generosity preserves Baltimore’s industrial legacy for future generations. These stories highlight a few special connections.

Evan Woodard, Social Media Ambassador and Donor

Evelyn Schroedl, Lifetime Member and Donor

Henry G. Parks Foundation, “Telling Untold Stories” Partner and Donor

Sandy Baklor and Arlene Kaufman, Lead Capital Campaign Donors

Ed Hawkins, Lecturer, Museum Educator, and Donor

Henry Rosenberg, Jr., Exhibition Sponsor and Donor

Bendix Radio Foundation Volunteers and Donors
Celebrating a 20 Year Partnership

Make your own connection.

The BMI is more than a museum. It’s a connection factory. It’s a place where every single guest discovers what Baltimore’s industry and legacy means to them. It could be the moment you realize how important your grandfather’s factory job was in building this great city. It could be the “That’s what I wanna do when I grow up!” moment. Whether you are 1, 10, or 100, the BMI offers guests endless opportunities to make a connection. It could be a connection to Baltimore’s heritage, the inner-workings of a machine, or even a way of life. We don’t know what your connection to Baltimore’s story is, but we do know one thing. This is where you’ll find it.

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