Tips for Virtual Field Trips

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If your sessions are scheduled using the BMI Zoom account or another digital platform hosted by the BMI, our staff will activate each session about 15 minutes before the start time. A waiting room will be used to restrict access. Students will need to enter their name in order to join the session. We encourage you to join early and help us grant access to your students.

If accessing the session individually, students should:

• Make sure their screen name is the name they would like to be called during the trip
• Remain muted until they are called on
• Physically raise their hands or use the raise hand function if they have a question or thought to share
• Treat museum educators, teachers, and peers with respect
• Use the chat-box, if allowed, to ask/answer questions related to the museum tour

If the class is accessing the session from a single device, students should:

• Raise their hands and wait for a teacher to call on them before asking a question or making a comment
• Speak questions and comments clearly towards the microphone or ask a teacher to help relay the question
• Treat museum educators, teachers, and peers with respect

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