Noxzema Chemical Company


BGE-Noxzema/Noxell Corporation014 – Noxzema Chemical Company, Falls Cliff Road and 32nd/33rd streets, March 1951.

Founded in 1917 by pharmacist Dr. George A. Bunting, the Baltimore-based Noxzema Chemical Company produced two of America’s most recognizable brands: Noxzema skin cream and Cover Girl make-up. The so-called “Miracle Cream of Baltimore” was originally hand-mixed, poured, and shipped from a rowhouse on East Lafayette Street, but shrewd marketing efforts—including packaging the cream in a now iconic cobalt blue bottle and advertising in national magazines— quickly outstripped the company’s production capacity. To meet this demand, Noxzema moved into a new reinforced concrete factory at the corner of Roland Avenue and Falls Road in 1926, where it would remain headquartered until relocating to Cockeysville in 1966.

(Take photo from the stop sign across the street from the building at Roland Ave. and Falls Rd.)


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