Making a Connection: Evan Woodard

Thank you for connecting, thank you for giving, thank you for keeping the stories of Baltimore’s industrial history alive. We are stronger with you.

“Researching the sites and items is what really drives me to do this. It’s a real-life puzzle that gives you such a rush when everything comes together and you pull out a rare relic or bottle!” —Evan Woodard

Evan Woodard is a Baltimore-based photographer, adventurer, and history lover, whose fascination with the forgotten started at an early age. Youthful curiosity in abandoned and dilapidated buildings turned into adventures as he got older. Evan visited abandoned hospitals, power plants, and textile mills around the East Coast.

Evan’s love for history has led him on adventures all around Baltimore City. He brings the community on his journey by sharing his finds on his Instagram and website.

Evan researches the history behind what he finds and has donated items to the BMI in accordance with our community collection standards.

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