Jones Falls


BGE-42729C – Mouth of the Jones Falls where it enters the Harbor, 12/09/1966.

Though “Baltimore Town” was founded on the banks of the Jones Falls in 1729, for many modern residents the meandering waterway was something to be forgotten. By the start of the twentieth century, the lower stretch of the Jones Falls was little more than a fetid, flood-prone open ditch that collected trash, industrial waste, and raw sewage from across the city. While efforts were occasionally made to control flooding through the construction of higher and high stone walls, the waterway remained a public health nuisance. Hoping to correct this once and for all, in 1915 the city completed construction of a 21-foot wide underground tunnel that would direct the untreated waters of the Jones Falls toward the new Eastern Avenue pumping station.

(Photo taken from E Falls Ave between Fleet and Aliceanna Sts. looking north up the Falls.)


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