Edmondson Village


BGE-18398B – Edmondson Village at Night, November 1947.

Constructed by Joseph and Jacob Meyerhoff in 1947, the Edmondson Village Shopping Center was the first retail space in Baltimore designed with suburban shoppers and their vehicles in mind. In addition to Hess Shoes, Food Fair, Tommy Tucker, Whelan’s Drugs, and Hochschild, Kohn & Co., the shopping center also featured a bowling alley, a movie theatre, and acres of free parking. For years, Edmondson Village was a destination for both city and county shoppers, with many making special trips simply to enjoy the center’s elaborate Christmas decorations or the live monkeys displayed in Hess’s front windows.

(Take photo in the parking lot near the western entrance off of Rte. 40, looking east and slightly north.)


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