Mayflower + BMI

Trinket or Treasure Fundraiser

October 26, through November 30, 2020

Welcome to the Trinket or Treasure VIRTUAL fundraiser to benefit the BMI. We are excited to be working with Mayflower Estate Buyers & Consultants.

Your point of contact will be Nicholle Mogavero. Nicholle is a professional jewelry appraiser who will happily help sort through your jewelry, designating it “trinket” or “treasure.” The initial consultation will be over Zoom so you can show her your items and then you will send your box of jewelry, fully insured and paid for by Mayflower, to her for possible sale.
10% of the purchase price from Mayflower will be donated to the BMI.
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This is your opportunity to clean out any jewelry that you haven’t worn in a while and support the BMI at the same time.

Mayflower will buy a variety of jewelry, including:

– Broken or complete gold jewelry
– Rings with or without stones
– Broken rings
– Unmatched earrings
– Tangled or broken chains, bracelets, necklaces, etc.
– Gold and silver coins
– Unmatched earrings
– All valuable watches EXCEPT Seikos and Timex
– Loose diamonds
– Gold and silver fillings

Watch this video to find out about the 5 items in your house that will make you money.


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