Build a Bat Box

Christopher Blume University of Maryland, Baltimore County Geography and Environmental Systems ICARE Trainee

Saturday, October 29, at 10:00 AM

In-person Program, BMI Pavilion

Join the BMI and UMBC graduate student, Chris Blume, for a Saturday morning program about the connection between urban ecology and industry in Baltimore—using bats!

Learn about the types of bats found in Baltimore, and how they contribute to industry. Then build a bat box to provide roosting spots to help maintain bat populations. Bat box kits are provided for FREE.

Urban wildlife species like bats are considered biomonitors – organisms that accumulate contaminants in their tissues. Because of this, they provide helpful information about the cities in which we live. Bats have adapted well to living in cities, and this close connection to humans means that they are in contact with many of the same pollutants that humans are. This makes them ideal to study and compare the impacts and movement of pollution in urban areas.

FREE to all audiences.
*This program does not include live bats.
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