Baltimore History Lectures with Jack Burkert

Baltimore, the War Years: A City and its Citizens on the Homefront

Tuesday, August 17 @ 7 PM

Join us on August 17th at 7:00PM for an in-depth look at Baltimore in World War II with Senior Museum Educator Jack Burkert. This program will be hosted on Zoom. Access provided after registration.

During World War II, Baltimore, its citizens, and the industries that employed them were truly transformed. Three manufacturing forces–steel, ships, and aircraft–employed well over 100,000 people locally, won countless production awards, and forever shifted the opinions of who could be employed to do which jobs. The “Big Three” were just the beginning, as the businesses and industries that supported and assisted them numbered in the hundreds. An all-consuming war effort also meant change to the social fabric of the city, a fabric stressed and occasionally torn, as gender and racial barriers collapsed under the need for every citizen to make as great a contribution as his or her individual abilities made possible.

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Speaker Bio

Jack Burkert
Senior Museum Educator

A Baltimore native, Jack has worked as a Museum Educator at the BMI since 2010. He graduated from the University of Maryland and spent his 40+ career in various educator roles in the Baltimore City School system, at the Pennsylvania State University, through private employers and in his own consulting firm. Jack’s specialty is his research into the history of Baltimore, its port, businesses, people and immigration. Read a recent article written by Jack for the BMI on industrial steelmaking.


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