The Caretakers of Collections

The BMI announces two new full-time positions

The museum Collections team has been busier than ever and we are excited to announce that two of the department’s part-time staff have just been promoted to full-time positions; Maggi Marzolf as the Archives Manager and Curtis Durham as the Collections Manager.

Maggi Marzolf and Curtis Durham are pictured in the museum’s research library.

Maggi has been working with the museum’s archival collections since 2018. She holds a master’s degree in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University and will complete a master’s in Library and Information Studies from the University of Maryland, College Park this year.

“I enjoy working in archives because every day I encounter something new and exciting hidden within collections,” she says. Her favorite exhibit in the museum is the Print Shop, because the printed word is a powerful tool for change and innovation, she explains. Maggi is looking forward to developing enhanced finding aids for the archival collections, making Baltimore’s local and worldwide contributions to industry more readily accessible.

Maggi Marzolf, the BMI’s new Archives Manager

Curtis Durham began at the BMI as an intern and was also part of the Johns Hopkins University Museum Studies program. In 2019 he was hired as the part-time assistant registrar and since then has led the charge on processing incoming objects, and managing the many volunteers and interns within the department.

“Working at the BMI has been a dream. Not only did it jumpstart a career in cultural heritage collections management, it has allowed me to exercise long-dormant skills, engage in fruitful discussions with colleagues, and bring assurance to those who donate to our collections that their personal treasures will be cared for for years to come,” he says.

Curtis Durham, the BMI’s new Collections Manager

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