Volunteers play a critical role in the day-to-day operations of the BMI.

Volunteers work in the BMI’s collections and galleries. They work with visitors and staff.
Volunteers represent a broad range of skills and talents, from woodworker and electrician, to engineer and educator.

American Truck Historical Society Volunteers

Mike Boteler
Gary Callis
Dale Croston
Jim Ellett
Henry J. Fowler
John Kittridge
Gary Mattingly
Andy McWilliams
John Merson
Mark Powell
Mel Thomas
John O. Vannatta
Jesse W. Walter, Jr.

At-Large Committee Volunteers

Alice Donahue
Dave Eassa
Grayson Gable
Matthew Hankins
Kathy Hudson
Katrina Y. Jones
Bob Kaplan
Susan Meier
Pat Mikos
Mike Reick
Tim Rhue II
Mark Ruhl
Jessi Rutherford
Christopher Steele
Robert Vogel
Hal Wallace
Laura Wexler
Hannah Wides

Bendix Volunteers

Len Bosse
Orlando DeFelice
Ange Del Negro
Stu Horwitz
Ken Kidd
Joe McCormick
Ron Sacker
Bill Scott
Guil Vogt
Jerry Woodall

Collections Volunteers

John Eybs
Adam Fuchs
Maya Hogarth
Julie Johnson
Ken Jones
Connie Matricardi
Gaby Messinger
Bob Smerko
Jeffrey Tomecek
Susan Tucker
Kaitlyn Webster
Marty Yaker
Cathie Zimmerman


Kelly Thompson

Gallery Volunteers

Steve Cole
Allison Fisher
Ray Loomis
Jon Marchione
Scott Ruhl
Stacy Stube
Bob Webber

Skilled Labor Volunteers

Debbie Farthing
Philip Levery
John Reuter

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