Temporary Exhibitions

Then & Now: Baltimore in the Public Eye

Our newest exhibition highlights scenes of some of Baltimore’s most iconic streets, buildings, and businesses.

Then & Now features historic photographs from the museum’s BGE archival collection paired with ‘now’ photos taken by the general public—professional and amateur photographers alike—that show what those historic locations look like today. Starting with historic images selected from the BMI’s own Baltimore Gas & Electric Company Photograph Collection, this exhibition uses nearly 300 contemporary crowd-sourced photos to reveal a complex city whose past and present have been defined by shifts in the way things are made, how they are moved, and where people live, work, and play. This exhibition not only shines light on the momentous changes that Baltimore went through in the past, but also serves as a guide to the changes it is likely to undergo in the future. This exhibition will be open through January 1, 2017.

The Baltimore Gas and Electric archival collection consists of approximately 80,000 photographs and negatives. These images were taken as part of BGE’s daily operations, and capture Baltimore’s workplaces, cityscapes, and life in Baltimore from the late 1920s through 2001.

domino collage final

Video Game Wizards–Transforming Science and Art into Games

This interactive exhibition allows visitors to immerse themselves in the exciting process of creating their very own video game.

Video Game Wizards provides an interactive environment where visitors can explore how their talents, skills and passions could lead to a career in the interactive entertainment industry. The exhibit’s six stations provide an opportunity for visitors to meet game makers and learn about their roles, while making and customizing a game using the skills demonstrated at each station.

Visitors will experience the collaborative process of video game development at every point in the exhibition. At the end, visitors are able to play their own game and share it on the exhibition’s website with family and friends, and will be able to play any of the games developed at the exhibition. Please visit www.videogamewizards.org to play your game and learn more about this fascinating industry. This exhibition will be open through 2019.

Video Game Wizards—Transforming Science and Art into Games was developed by the Baltimore Video Game Wizards, Luci Creative, Ravenswood Studio, Silver Oaks Communications, Cerebral Lounge/Clean Cuts Music, and the BMI. A start-up grant was provided by the Maryland Film Office/Maryland Department of Economic Development. Photos provided by Luci Creative.

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